Magento partner web agency

« We have adopted the's Enterprise Edition in our CI workflow. From benchmarks to regression tests and profile graphs, Blackfire has helped our developers to quickly identify performance bottlenecks and then validate sustainable solutions. The bottom line is that it enables us to build quicker more robust sites for our clients, giving them a greater speed to market with their competitive and innovative ideas. »

Mal Wiliams - Technical Director

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Other successful customers


Open-Source CRM Software

« Performance profiling and optimization was always challenging for teams that are working on complex web applications, but not anymore. With our company has all the right tools to profile any part of the application, integrate performance testing in the CI process and easily compare results over time. Thanks to Blackfire team for the great product that is easy to setup and use. »

Dima Soroka - CTO at Oro Inc.

CCM Benchmark Group

Leading media and advertiser on French Market

« CCM Benchmark Group is one of the leader of the French Media market. With our traffic level (25M Unique Visitor/month), performance is a critical matter. Integrating's Enterprise Edition in our development workflow enables us to match our performance objectives in a much more efficient manner than with any other tool. »

Xavier Leune - Reponsable Framework at CCM Benchmark Group


Restaurant booking

« TheFork is the leading european booking app for diners. After using Xhprof for years, Blackfire offered us a great alternative. On legacy projects it allowed us to save up to 90% wall time on some CLI. On new projects we've been able to monitor and address precisely performance issues, keeping our Symfony apps response time as low as 25ms. »

Olivier Laurendeau - Lead developer


Enterprise logistics for everyone

« Shipwire is the leader in E-commerce order fulfillment, serving merchants in over 40 countries. Speed is critical to our web services. If we are slow, our customers can't do business.'s Enterprise Edition helps us make sure we stay fast, without all the set-up and configuration pain that often goes along with performance profiling. »

Evan Robinson - CTO and VP Engineering

Maisons du Monde

Furnitures eCommerce

« Blackfire is the only tool which allowed us to make a deep performance review, real time, on a live server during our most stressful day. Moreover, we have been able to integrate in our continuous integration process to warn the team when the performances of a new code are degraded before the code hits the production. This kind of live and pro active analysis is a key asset for Maisons du Monde to tune its system and cope with its huge traffic growth. »

Marc Hugon - Chief of innovation and development

France Médias Monde

French international broadcaster

« France Médias Monde, the group in charge of French international broadcasting, publishes media platforms which attract an average of 30 million visitors a month in 2015. Performance metrics are essential to identify bottlenecks wherever they occur. Bringing's Enterprise Edition into our continuous integration pipeline allows us to address issues before our users get exposed to them. »

Vincent Fleury - Directeur du Développement Nouveaux Médias