Quanta Monitoring Requires Enterprise

Quanta Monitoring is a performance monitoring and analytics solution for Magento Stores. It combines real traffic monitoring, Google Analytics data, and their calculations to determine revenue loss on performance issues.

As Blackfire can gather a lot more information at the code-level but does not look at end user requests, Blackfire and Quanta are great complements. Quanta can trigger Blackfire scenarios and Blackfire can return the build results into Quanta’s timeline as a marker so that you can relate a performance issue in Quanta to the corresponding Blackfire tests.

Setting up the Quanta Monitoring Integration

First, go to the Builds tab in your Blackfire account and click the icon near Quanta Monitoring in the integrations panel. A pop-in will show you the configuration parameters (base URL and basic Auth) to link your account to Quanta.

Copy/paste those parameters on the Integrations page in the Quanta settings and save. Then, select which scenarios you’d like to trigger Blackfire builds on when Quanta detects an incident.

A new build report will be generated each time an incident is detected.

Setting up a Quanta Monitoring Notification Channel

Anytime a build report is available, Blackfire can send a notification to Quanta Monitoring via the dedicated notification channel, which will show build events in Quanta.

First, go to the Blackfire integration, on the Integrations page in the Quanta settings, and copy the Quanta webhook URL.

Then, go to the Builds tab in your Blackfire account and click Add a notification channel in the Configuration panel. Select Quanta Monitoring, paste the URL and save.

Any time a new build report is available, a notification will be sent to Quanta.

Configuration Recommendation

Quanta Monitoring can trigger Blackfire to run performance tests automatically, but you will need to define upfront which URLs Blackfire should hit. Once you configured Quanta Monitoring as a trigger, make sure to define scenarios and performance tests.