Analyzing Timelines Profiler/Premium/Enterprise


This section describes how to read the timeline of a profile. You can also visualize a profile as a call graph.

The timeline representation of a profile is a great way to analyze the wall-clock time of the most important function calls.

Like for the call-graph, Blackfire filters unimportant calls to only display significant ones. Blackfire also automatically understand which libraries you are using and groups similar calls as metrics that show up in the left pane. Click on any of them to filter related calls. Hover on a call bar to get more information about resource consumption, function call arguments, and more.


Besides time, the global memory usage is also displayed in the navigation panel as a light blue graph. A sudden increase can give you a hint on which function calls consume more memory.

Custom Metrics Premium/Enterprise

The timeline only displays relevant metrics that are configured and curated by the Blackfire's team.

But you can also add more information by creating your own custom metrics ready for the timeline.


Markers allow you to visualize cue-points you explicitly define in your code. Call \BlackfireProbe::addMarker(string $markerName) to define a marker: