Blackfire Enterprise

Integrate continuous performance management with all of your tools, for all of your developers.


You are

  • eCommerce / Media / Pure player / Web agency
  • 10+ developers per team
  • Working on more than one project/app at a time
  • Missing the tools to understand you code’s behavior
  • Needing to give continuous attention to your application’s performance
  • Implementing continuous integration / continuous deployment workflows (beginner or advanced)

What Blackfire gets you

Blackfire Enterprise provides the utmost flexibility in testing and improving performance across the complete lifecycle of you application:

Blackfire Enterprise is more than a tool

Beyond our advanced code performance management solutions, Enterprise customers get:

  • A custom on-boarding session
  • Dedicated account management
  • Discounted, "à la carte" service packages
  • Priority support
  • Co-marketing opportunities