Blackfire for Magento

Make sure customers don't abandon their carts. Blackfire helps developers optimize Magento shops performance, from development to production.

Magento specific performance metrics and recommendations

Whenever you profile or test the performance of a Magento application, Blackfire detects it. The Magento Add-on offers specific metrics and performance recommendations that will help you understand the issues and optimize your app instantly.

Metrics detect specific function calls and components usage in your code for Magento 1, 2, CE & EE.

Recommendations are crafted by our performance experts, Magento Commerce and partner agencies to help you optimize your app based on best practices.

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A solution for Magento web agencies

« We have adopted the's Enterprise Edition in our CI workflow. From benchmarks to regression tests and profile graphs, Blackfire has helped our developers to quickly identify performance bottlenecks and then validate sustainable solutions. The bottom line is that it enables us to build quicker more robust sites for our clients, giving them a greater speed to market with their competitive and innovative ideas. »

Mal Wiliams - Technical Director at Balance Internet

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Blackfire on Magento Commerce Cloud

Blackfire is an OEM partner of Magento Commerce Cloud.

As a Magento Commerce Cloud customer, you benefit from the best-in-class profiling SaaS. Our robust integrations enable to test the performance of your Magento shop's code at each code iteration and every time your deploy to staging and production.

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