PHP Code Quality Checks

Find and fix quality flaws in your PHP Code.

Quality Recommendations

By profiling applications, Blackfire collects a wide variety of metrics on deployed code, as well as php.ini configuration settings. It is a great complement to static code analyzers. Blackfire's testing features enable to write assertions on the collected metrics. Such assertions are context-aware, and are run depending on the profiled framework, as well as the environment where the code is deployed (production vs development).

Thanks to our PHP expertise, and our network of PHP experts, we crafted over 40 default tests that will check for code quality: Quality Recommendations.

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Documented Best Practices

Any time you profile your code with Blackfire, make sure it complies with our best practices; Blackfire will automatically detect any flaw and warn you.

Each Quality Recommendation is fully documented so that you can understand where the best practice comes from, and how to fix the issue.

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PHP Code Profiling in Dev, Test/Staging and Production

Blackfire is a PHP code profiling utility. At run-time, it collects metrics on function/method calls for a given HTTP request, as well as php.ini configuration data.

It can be used on a development machine, as well as in any testing pipeline and in production to visualize, understand and improve code behaviour.

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