Updating Blackfire

Updating Blackfire

Installing and updating Blackfire should be a quick process. This document will guide you through the steps.

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Latest Versions

For your information, here are the latest versions of each Blackfire component:

  Latest Version Installed Version
Agent 1.47.0
blackfire-agent -v
Client 1.47.0
blackfire version
PHP Probe 1.51.0
php --ri blackfire
Chrome/Firefox Extension 1.24.1

Update Packages

  1. Update the Debian repository:
    sudo apt update
  2. Update the blackfire-agent package:
    sudo apt install --only-upgrade blackfire-agent
  3. Update the blackfire-php package:
    sudo apt install --only-upgrade blackfire-php

Restart Services

  1. Restart the agent service:
    sudo /etc/init.d/blackfire-agent restart
  2. Restart your web server or PHP-FPM and check that there are no errors in the logs. To debug problems, you can change the log level and the log file in the probe configuration.